What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  First Adam sinned in disobedience to God's command of the covenant, and sin entered the world.  Since all people sinned, they came into condemnation and died spiritually.  We died physically and died forever in hell, a lake of unquenchable fire.  And in hell, we couldn't die and we had no choice but to live forever.  In this way, God loved us, who were dead in our trespasses and sins, and chose us before the foundation of the world.  And in order to save us, God the Father made His only Son, Jesus, the only begotten Son, as a sin offering and a propitiation sacrifice, and sent Him into this world in the likeness of sinful flesh, and condemned sin on the sinless Jesus.  So, Jesus paid the price for all our sins on the cross.  The last Adam and the Passover Lamb, the Son Jesus, obeyed Heavenly Father, as he bore all our sins (our sins were imputed to Jesus) and shed His blood on the cross as a propitiation until He died on the cross.  Therefore, God's righteousness is imputed to us, we are justified, become righteous, have eternal life, and partially are enjoying eternal life on this earth.  Then we will enter the kingdom of heaven and will reign with Jesus for ever and ever and will fully enjoy the blessings of eternal life.  When God's righteousness is imputed to us and we are justified by God.  “Justification” is a court of law term, meaning that God, the Judge, not only acquits us, the guilty ones, who have sinned, but also declares, ‘You are righteous’.  In other words, the righteousness of God has been imputed to us.  This justification is justified by the grace of God alone and through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God alone.  In this way, we have been reconciled to God through our Lord Jesus Christ, justified by God's grace, and we have peace with God.  In other words, our relationship with God is restored. And as children of God who are no longer enemies of God, we boldly come to the throne of God's grace under the guidance of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.  And through the Spirit of Jesus, who were sent into our hearts, we have been able to have fellowship with God, calling Him ‘Abba, Father’.  And we have hoped for the glory of God, and we rejoice.  With this assurance of salvation, we have the sure hope of the second coming of Jesus in glory.  But when Jesus appears, we too will become like Jesus and see the true form of Jesus.  Therefore, even in tribulation, we hope and rejoice in the glory of God.  This is because we know that tribulation brings about perseverance, and perseverance, proven character, and proven character, hope.  With this sure hope, we must live on this earth and enjoy eternal life as those who have received a new life.  We must come to know the only true God and Jesus Christ.  Through the Holy Spirit, we showed our great love to God the Father, who made us His children, and the Son, the Word of life from the beginning and eternal life, who laid down His life on the cross as a propitiation for our sins. So, we must enjoy fellowship with Jesus.  Therefore, while obeying the commandments of the Lord and bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, we love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind, according to the Lord’s twofold commandment, which is the heavenly commandment, and love our neighbor as ourselves.  We must diligently preach the gospel of Jesus Christ while partly enjoying the joy-filled heavenly life.  Even though we are in the midst of adversity, hardship, and tribulation like the valley of the shadow of death, we are convinced that our present sufferings are not worthy to be compared with the glory that will be revealed in us.  So, let us live for the sake of Jesus Christ and the gospel of Christ with the assurance of salvation and the assurance of victory, that neither fields nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.