Satan, who is actually exists, tempts us, God’s children who believe in Jesus, by any means, so that we may break God's commandments and committing sins, so that we not only turn away from God completely, but also betray Jesus and depart from the faith.  All Satan's goal is to tempt us to dethrone God (Chambers).  So Satan continues to attack us.  Satan attacks our hearts with lies so that we do not know the will of God, and also uses pride to attack us to depart from the will of God (Wiersbe).  Satan continues to attack us, even our identity in the Lord.  This satanic attack on our identity is fatal.  In addition, Satan attacks our homes and separates them as a result of quarrels and fights in the marital relationship and makes us to commit adultery through sexual temptation, which ultimately destroys our homes.  Satan wants to make our homes a hell.  Indeed, the home cannot but be a spiritual battlefield.  The church is also a spiritual battlefield.  Satan continues to attack the church now, and he is tempting pastors to sin against God.  As the bride church is a pure virgin to be offered to one husband, the groom Jesus Christ, the church must have a sincere and pure heart toward Christ.  But Satan is trying to deceive us to corrupt our hearts toward Christ.  Satan preaches “another Jesus,” trying to get us to receive “a different spirit” and “a different gospel.”  Satan's temptation is the cross without suffering, the gospel without the cross, and the church of Christ without the gospel.  Satan's main strategy is to spread as many lies as possible to deny, pollute, and confuse the truth (MacArthur).  As a result, our thoughts are now heavily polluted with falsehoods that are unevangelical and untruthful.  We do not distinguish between truth and lies under the trend of mutual respect.  Now we are confused and live a syncretistic faith life.  D


            What must we do?  We must hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We must confess our sins and repent by relying on the power of the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.  And relying on the Lord who makes the spiritual warfare against Satan victorious, we must win the battle against ourselves, sin, the world, Satan, and death.  Victory belongs to God.  By dying on the cross and resurrecting His only begotten Son, God not only has already given us victory over our sins, but He has also given us victory over our death (1 Corinthians 15:55).  God saved us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and gave us eternal life.  Jesus overcame Satan by dying on the cross and resurrecting.  Therefore I hope and pray tha we give thanks to God for giving us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Also, I hope and pray that we win the battle against Satan every moment of every day while praying to God and with the word of God by sharpening the sword of the Holy Spirit and grasping Satan's strategies with spiritual discernment.  I hope and pray that all of us who sing the hymn of victory put the flag of victory in our hearts, families, churches, and the kingdom of God.