"Success is accepting God's goal for our lives and becoming what He has called us to be by His grace (see Josh.1:7-8; 2 Pet.1:3-10; 3 John 2)."

"Fulfillment is discovering our own uniqueness in Christ and using our gifts to build up others and to glorify the Lord (see Matt.25:14-30; Rom.12:1-18; 2Tim.4:5)."

"Satisfaction is living righteously and seeking to raise the quality of the relationship, services and products we're involved with (see Prov.18:24; Matt.5:5; 2 Tim.4:7).

"Happiness is being thankful for what we do have, rather than focusing in what we don't have - because happy are the people who appreciate what they have (see Phil.4:12; 1 Thess.5:18; 1 Tim.6:6-8)."

"Insecurity comes when we depend on things that pass away rather than on things that last forever (see John 10:27-30; Rom.8:31-39; Eph.1:13-14)."